Fort Bend County BIPP Domestic Violence Program

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AVDA’s Fort Bend County BIPP domestic violence program launched in Winter 2017. Fort Bend County residents needing to enroll in a Battering Intervention and Prevention Program may attend at any of AVDA’s 11 locations and transfer to the Fort Bend group once the group begins. Each participant will receive an individualized plan for additional services needed, such as substance abuse, mental health issues, etc. AVDA accepts participants who are court-mandated, as well as those voluntarily seeking services.

Effective Fort Bend County BIPP Domestic Violence Programs

AVDA’s BIPP domestic violence programs in Fort Bend County will be fully accredited programs, as are all of AVDA’s BIPP groups, with excellent case management and competitive fees. The Fort Bend County BIPP domestic violence programs will consist of a minimum of 18 required sessions for participants to attend, per accreditation guidelines.

The Fort Bend County BIPP classes and programs make sure to teach every aspect of domestic violence and the use of power and control in an intimate partner relationship providing educational services to men who have ever been abusive physically, sexually, emotionally, verbally, psychologically, and/or financially.

The costs associated with AVDA’s BIPP domestic violence programs in Fort Bend County are as follows:

  1. $35 initial evaluation,
  2. $30 orientation
  3. Minimum $25 per group based on sliding scale for income

The Fort Bend County battering intervention programs are not the same as anger management. While AVDA’s BIPP classes do have anger management tools for you to use, the program explores belief systems that promote domestic violence and controlling behavior.

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AVDA offers BIPP for women as well, but at this time, all women’s groups are held at the main AVDA office in downtown Houston. Contact AVDA today to learn more about all of our domestic violence programs.