Harris County Divorce Legal Aid Services

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In many situations, domestic abuse results in divorce, which can be a very complicated and emotionally stressful process; however, with the help of AVDA’s Legal Advocacy Program, which is one of the Harris County divorce legal aid services, you will not have to take on this daunting process alone. We provide the most exceptional divorce legal aid services in Harris County for those who are unable to afford legal representation.

Beyond physical, emotional, and financial considerations, many of these domestic violence divorce cases involve children. Our Harris County child custody legal aid services will provide you with lawyers who are sensitive to your situation and will fight to ensure that all legal matters will be effectively put in place, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Protective orders

It is the top priority of AVDA’s Harris County divorce legal aid services team to fight for justice, while also delivering the protection and compensation needed to start a new life, entirely separated from the previous abuser.

Legal Aid Services in Harris County

AVDA also has a Legal Advocacy Expansion program also known as our “working poor” program, and it is designed to assist those victims of domestic violence who make just enough money to exempt them from government legal aid but do not have sufficient funds to hire a quality lawyer for their family law matters.

Though these clients may have an annual income slightly above the government maximum for legal assistance, our child custody legal aid services in Harris County will strive for a fair divorce settlement as well as proper child custody, for a low fee to cover court fees. Legal representation itself will be at no cost.

Furthermore, AVDA’s Harris County divorce legal aid services may also take the divorce case at little-to-no charge, depending on your income.

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AVDA’s divorce legal aid services in Harris County provide free, supportive, trauma-informed legal representation to victims of domestic abuse. AVDA’s legal team is dedicated to serving clients who receive too little to afford a quality, trauma-informed attorney in divorce and child custody disputes. Contact AVDA for more information at (713) 224-9911.