Houston Domestic Spousal Violence Prevention Outreach

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In a shocking statistic, an estimated one out of every four women in the United States will experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetime. Domestic abuse may also occur at the hands of a female abuser, and in same-sex relationships. While many instances of intimate partner violence involve individuals in a dating relationship, many of these millions of cases nationwide are spousal related in marital or common-law relationships. AVDA’s Houston domestic spousal violence prevention outreach strives to not only prevent spousal violence from occurring, but also to provide aid to all of those who have fallen victim to domestic spousal abuse.

Domestic Spousal Violence Abuse Services

Our domestic spousal violence abuse services in Houston include:

  • Legal representation in the Harris County family courts for any divorce, child support, child custody, or protective order cases
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Crisis intervention and advocacy

Additionally, emergency financial assistance can be provided for things such as food, shelter, and transportation, in order to sever dependence from an abusive spouse. All counseling options in the Houston domestic spousal violence prevention outreach are also extended to the children of abuse victims at no additional cost. We recognize that children are especially vulnerable in cases of spousal abuse and that it may seem like there is no one for you or your children to turn to. AVDA’s domestic spousal violence services in Houston aims to help those who struggle to find a safe environment. One of our priorities is to construct a safety plan for not only the victim but also for the children in danger as well.

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We understand the struggles and fear associated with domestic abuse, especially when such abuse is coming from the person to whom you are married. Our Houston domestic spousal abuse safety services work with you to face these complicated family situations for little to no cost. Contact AVDA today for more information about our exceptional individualized care for domestic spousal abuse safety services in Houston.