AVDA Attorney Spotlight

Sep 19, 2018

AVDA Staff Attorney Peter Walbridge, Jr. in the final moments of securing a divorce for his client


AVDA’s Legal Advocacy Program provides free legal representation in family law matters to victims of domestic violence in Harris and Fort Bend County courts. We have attorneys who are dedicated to obtaining protective orders, and others who focus on divorce, child support, child custody, and adoption. Clients may be eligible for both services.

This month we shine the AVDA spotlight on Peter Walbridge, Jr., who has served as a staff attorney in AVDA’s Legal Advocacy Program for five years. A graduate of Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, Peter grew up in Houston, and states, “I was fortunate to have a dedication to public service instilled in me that has guided my professional career.”

Peter attended Southwestern University and received his JD from Tulane University. Before working at AVDA, he interned at the Family Criminal Law Division of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. After three years as AVDA’s Protective Order attorney, he transitioned to divorce, child custody, and adoption clients whose incomes are capped at one hundred eighty-seven percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

“I have had the great opportunity to assist countless clients at AVDA who inspire me with the strength with which they have survived and flourished, despite their many hardships,” says Peter. “AVDA’s work to end abuse is particularly important to me due to the intolerable levels of domestic violence and fatality within Greater Houston. I am very thankful to be able to help my clients and their children as they embark on new beginnings and leave the cycle of violence behind.”

Every day Peter, alongside seven staff attorneys, eight paralegals, and five victim advocates, works to break the cycle of abuse, allowing victims to become survivors and start new lives free of violence. To learn more about AVDA’s Legal Advocacy Program, visit https://avda.org/legal-advocacy/