Overcoming Tragedy to Begin Again

Nov 28, 2018

In November of 2015, Andrea Thibodeaux came to AVDA seeking legal custody of her then two-year-old granddaughter, Audrey. Several months earlier, Audrey’s father had brutally murdered Audrey’s mother.

Audrey’s mother had tried to protect herself and her daughter by applying for a protective order through another channel, but was denied. Audrey’s mother saw her ex-husband regularly due to visitation exchanges. Sadly, one visitation exchange turned into a tragic heartbreak that altered Audrey and Andrea’s lives forever. The ex-husband, and father of their only child, shot and killed Audrey’s beautiful, gifted and loving mother, ripping her out of her family’s life at the young age of 27.

Andrea contacted AVDA, knowing she would need assistance to gain custody of Audrey legally. With one parent awaiting trial for murder charges and the other deceased, Andrea wanted to give Audrey the best chance for safety and stability. AVDA began legal proceedings for custody and full adoption of Audrey by her maternal grandmother, Andrea. The case began in late 2015 and by the spring of 2018, Andrea Thibodeaux was awarded custody of Audrey.

While they have a long journey ahead, Andrea is hopeful for her future and loves watching her now five-year-old granddaughter grow and thrive. Andrea Thibodeaux’s case is only one example of AVDA’s ability to partner with our clients to ensure their safety and give them the chance to begin again.

Pictured, above: Andrea and Audrey at AVDA’s Camp Carefree