Harris County Domestic Violence Legal Aid

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Oftentimes, a potential client’s financial situation holds them back from reaching out for legal aid in the case of domestic violence. A solution can be found with Harris County domestic violence legal aid. Legal aid is free for victims of domestic abuse with AVDA’s domestic violence legal aid in Harris County for protective orders, divorce, child custody, and child support. Call to speak with an AVDA Advocate to find out if you are eligible.

Domestic Abuse Legal Aid in Harris County

AVDA’s domestic abuse victim-free legal aid in Harris County has taken strides to diminish or eliminate the cost for its clients. AVDA provides Harris County with domestic abuse victim-free legal aid to help those victims who do not have the financial capability to pay for legal services in domestic violence cases. AVDA’s team of staff attorneys provide legal representation at no cost through AVDA’s Harris County domestic abuse victims and free legal aid, and other supportive services are also available.

  • Clients pay absolutely nothing for legal representation to be represented by qualified, supportive, and trauma-informed attorneys
  • Counseling is free of charge to all legal clients
  • Client Emergency Financial Assistance Fund for legal and counseling clients
  • Education and Training Fund for legal and counseling clients

AVDA attorneys are representing 200+ victims of domestic violence in the Harris County Family Courts, helping victims receive protective orders, divorces, child custody, and support awards.

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Intake for AVDA’s legal services can occur at a variety of locations across Harris County (Houston Police Department Family Violence Units, among others). Protective order clients have no income restrictions. Clients seeking divorce or child custody and support who qualify for traditional legal aid will incur no cost, though those with higher, more moderate income may incur minor costs for court cases. Contact AVDA Advocates today for more information about our domestic violence legal aid services in Harris County at 713-224-9911.