Houston Domestic Abuse Fundraising Events

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AVDA is a non-profit organization that has served the greater Houston area for over 37 years; however, in order to keep our doors open and to continue to assist the thousands of individuals suffering from domestic violence who come to us for help, we rely substantially on Houston domestic abuse fundraising events.

AVDA’s Domestic Abuse Fundraising Events and Programs

One of the most significant domestic abuse fundraising events in Houston TX is AVDA’s annual “Home Safe Home” gala. This chef tasting event is unique from a typical domestic abuse fundraising program In Houston TX or any other fundraiser for that matter. Since its inception, the Home Safe Home Gala has been held at several different private homes and at some of Houston’s top event venues, including The Astorian and the Crystal Ballroom at The Rice.

Those in attendance at the Houston domestic abuse fundraising events get to indulge in dishes from a dozen of the city’s finest executive chefs. It is an evening of music, speakers, one-of-a-kind auction items, and recognition for all of those at the forefront of domestic abuse aid and prevention within the city and surrounding area. All of the night’s proceeds go directly to AVDA in order to continue the life-changing pursuit of combating domestic violence.

AVDA also holds an annual Awareness Breakfast at The Junior League of Houston. The End Abuse Awareness Breakfast is designed to raise awareness about domestic abuse among Houston’s corporate community.

Another of the Houston domestic abuse fundraising programs is a multi-faith workshop held in conjunction with a few religious-based organizations from the area. Domestic abuse fundraising events in Houston TX are designed to provide an interactive learning experience for religious leaders and faith community members so that we may all join together with the unified goal of eradicating the evil that is domestic abuse.

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AVDA plans many events such as the domestic abuse fundraising programs in Houston TX throughout the year for the purpose of raising awareness, improving education, and generating funds to further provide assistance to those suffering from domestic violence.

In the upcoming years, through the support of Houston domestic abuse fundraising events and donations, we hope to continue to grow and provide more programs and support to those in need, so that our vision of living in a city free from domestic abuse may grow closer to become true. Contact us for more information about AVDA’s domestic abuse fundraising events and programs in Houston TX.