Sexual Abuse Services in Harris County

Let us help you find the path to safety while confidentially answering your questions.

Thousands of people are made victims of sexual and domestic abuse every day. A large percentage of these victims feel as if they cannot run to anyone for help or talk to someone for their support. AVDA provides that support with their sexual abuse services in Harris County.

Here at AVDA, we are advocates for those striving to end abuse in its tracks. Sexual assault is common in relationships in which domestic violence is present. With our Harris County sexual assault support, AVDA intervenes with the victims of domestic violence while building a system of protection around them and their families, providing counseling and if eligible, legal services, to help provide safety, support, and justice through the court system.

Sexual Abuse Support in Harris County 

AVDA’s Harris County sexual abuse services are here for you or a loved one’s disposal. AVDA’s Harris County sexual assault support is free to the victim of sexual and domestic assault.

We follow a list of goals to reach by the end of our individual support meetings:

  • Intervention: physical and emotional
  • Support: during and after the sessions are complete
  • Education: know the signs of sexual and domestic violence
  • Healing: damage caused by sexual assault can be reduced through trauma-informed counseling

AVDA’s sexual assault support services in Harris County focus on the healing and safety of the victim by offering the support to the victims of sexual assault.

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AVDA’s trauma counselor can help you to heal from the emotional scars left by sexual abuse and intimate partner violence. Contact AVDA today for more information about our sexual assault and abuse services in Harris County.